Exeter Christmas Market

Exeter Christmas Market 2019

Exeter Christmas Market has been running for seven years on Exeter Cathedral Green and is recognised as one of the best in the UK. A combination of unique location with the stunning backdrop of Exeter Cathedral alongside high quality exhibitors has established an ‘event’ which is now an integral part of the city centre festive celebrations and Christmas shopping experience.

Exeter Cathedral Christmas Market was a finalist at the 2018 Exeter Living Awards for ‘Best Event’ and the bar ‘The Cathedral Tavern’ won the award for the best bar.

Featuring a selection of crafts, fresh food and a bustling atmosphere helped by delicious food stalls and Bavarian-style bars, Exeter Cathedral Christmas Market is inspired by German Christmas markets. With traditional wooden chalets it attracts in excess of 600,000 visitors each year over the 34 day period.

Exeter Cathedral Green, the jewel in the crown in the city centre is a prime location for shoppers and is on the doorstep of the main shopping district. The Cathedral itself is a hub of activity at Christmas with its many carol services, concerts, events and education activities making it the perfect venue to experience the festive atmosphere both inside and out.

RESEARCH commissioned by Exeter Cathedral has shown that its Christmas Market brings in £33 million of revenue to the city and attracts 600,000 visitors.

The figure is made up from the accommodation, shopping, transport and eating out costs of those who visit the market and the city during the four week period the Market is open, in the run up to Christmas.

The research was carried out by Exeter based market research company, Power Marketing. Based on interviews with people attending the Christmas market in December 2018, it calculated the total gross economic impact of the Market.

Researchers also explored the number of new visitors the Market brings to Exeter.