The idea for the Filing Room Sessions came about through the freeing up of an old filing room, at the back of the Graham Sykes Offices. Over a period of time, the paper files where transferred to an electronic filing system called ExeScan. This cut down drastically on the amount of paper being used. In turn this freed up a lot of office space; it’s also pretty good for the environment too.

It became “An eclectic music show for musicians and music Lovers”

With an increase in the number of events the company insures, especially music events, festivals, theatre and artists. We would often stumble upon some great creative talent, and we began pondering and throwing some ideas around.

So we decided to invite a collection of talented musical guests into the old filing room to record some songs and take part in studio jam sessions.

We would be grateful if you could share and like the Filing Room Sessions material so it can develop into something special that everyone can enjoy.

Thank you,

GSi Team